ASCEND Review: “Breaks the mold in modern sound design.” (Sample Sound Review)

Sound Sample Review Reviews ASCEND

“Leave it to Heavyocity to revive the piano virtual instrument landscape with an library that breaks the mold in modern sound design. What they did to strings and brass is now applied to piano. Whether you’re scoring a drama, crime, thriller, romance, horror, documentary, or video games, you’ll find a crucial amount of tools you can employ on your next composition. Virtual Piano libraries is a fairly saturated market, and yet Heavyocity has proven once again a way to transform and reinvent such an important instrument. Composers looking for that extra spark of inspiration should pick this up without hesitation. ASCEND by Heavyocity rises to the level of excellence in cinematic sound design and is as remarkable as it is innovative! 5 out of 5 stars!” -Sample Sound Review

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