ASCEND Review: “Heavyocity has created another must-have library.” (KK-Access)

KK-Access Reviews ASCEND

“Heavyocity continues to further fill any remaining gaps in their uniquely stylized and already rich complement of cinematic instruments with this latest release, a beautiful Steinway concert D grand piano. Which has been specifically auditioned and selected to fit the companies unique trademark sound. In doing so Heavyocity has once again created another must-have library that is certain soon to be found gracing the SSD’s of many a contemporary composer, and will undoubtedly find it’s way onto an even greater number of small, medium and big screen productions and music tracks in the near future! ASCEND is yet another worthwhile and desirable edition to the Heavyocity stable of professional and highly polished media composers tools, it will immediately fit right in with any other product you might own from their now extensive sample library portfolio. ASCEND will work alongside you delivering that sought after signature sound, to competently carry your chords and melodies and convey the emotions you write into them with ease.” -KK-Access

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