Damage 2 Review: “Probably the only scoring percussion tool you need.” (Ask.Audio)

Ask.Audio Reviews Damage 2

“Damage 2 is a beast of a percussive instrument and truly pushes the boundaries of what can be done with Kontakt. To call it an action movie soundtrack in a box is slightly clichéd but it really kind of is – a few hours playing around with it will have you picturing exactly the kinds of scenes these drums work with. There’s a wide variety of percussive and atmospheric sounds from traditional wood blocks through to thundering toms and cymbals and the effects on offer, not least the fabled Damage control, mean you can shape and sculpt everything to your liking. Damage 2 provides such a depth of customizability that it can initially seem a little daunting but the learning curve is actually not particularly steep. And some users won’t stray far beyond the presets, because you don’t have to if you don’t want to. For others, the ability to customize kits, ensembles and sounds runs very deep. The MIDI performance tools are excellent and the whole thing is off-the-charts cinematic. It’s also more immediately playable than you might expect for an instrument with this many features. Anyone working with scores will find much to like here. Pros: Superb cinematic percussion sounds. Endlessly dynamic and atmospheric. Movie beats in a box. Fun to play from the get-go. Excellent depth of sound shaping and FX tools. Probably the only scoring percussion tool you need. Cons: Not much really.” -Ask.Audio

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