FORZO Review: “A must-have for any composer working in media.” (FSM Online)

FSM Online Reviews FORZO

“FORZO is classified as a brass library, but it is so much more than that. This newest offering from Heavyocity presents itself as a Jekyll and Hyde. On the surface, it’s a brass library that is warm at the lower dynamics, and strident and buzzy at the louder end. But FORZO also has a nasty side, a guttural, aggressive character that takes modernist techniques and amps them up. I don’t know any other way to categorize the alter ego of Heavyocity’s FORZO in the Evolved Section except to say that it is utterly insane. There is simply no other brass library out there with this level of sonic depth and manipulative parameters…Heavyocity has delivered a spectacular product that is practically a must-have for any composer working in media these days.”                       -FSM Online

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