FORZO Review: “A superb epic brass library.” (Sound On Sound)

Sound On Sound Reviews FORZO

“A superb epic brass library: beautifully recorded, brimming with detail and energy, with a huge sound, a wide dynamic range, with plenty of articulations, effects and extended techniques ideal for traditional orchestral, movie and games scoring. Traditional brass is just the tip of the iceberg here, and the two Evolved engines are a sound-design treasure trove, capable of transforming brass into rhythmic, pulsating, almost alien textures whose sources defy identification. Brass Designer and Brass Loop Designer take all that labrosonic goodness into an entirely different world, warping and twisting it all beyond recognition. From treated trombones to tweaked-out trumpets, Heavyocity’s FORZO provides a 21st Century take on virtual brass. Absolutely wonderful.” -Sound On Sound

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