FORZO Review: “Absolutely phenomenal – perhaps the best I’ve heard.” (audionewsroom)

audionewsroom Reviews FORZO

“This is the must-have library for the action thriller space war video game marvel DC fantasy extravaganza composer. And all of that ilk. The sound is in a definite niche – it’s not soft, or pastoral, and it’s aimed at the darker end of the brass atmospherics. But in creating those atmospheres, I think it’s unparalleled. The recorded sound of the brass instruments is absolutely phenomenal – perhaps the best I’ve heard. The dynamic modulation is easily the smoothest I’ve heard. I can’t hear any stepping between different velocity timbres as you sweep up the mod wheel. The sheer power of the brass when you hit a large deep chord reflects just how well recorded, mixed and set up this library is. For dramatic, earth-shattering, tense powerful brass rhythms and blasts, beds and motifs, this is the peak of libraries right now. Go get it.” -audionewsroom

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