FORZO Review: “It is one of the best libraries Heavyocity has released” (Thorsten Meyer)

Thorsten Meyer Reviews FORZO

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. FORZO is a leading brass library for any composer that wants to compose an epic and cinematic score. I do absolutely love the timbre of the bends from the lower instruments. FORZO did simply blow me away. With FORZO, Heavyocity continues to push the competition and leave some already behind that want to play in this space. FORZO fits into the cinematic score to picture grand space and is on par with other libraries from leading companies publishing virtual instrument libraries in the cinematic and epic range. For professionals in the film scoring industry, cinematic and epic brass has been an origin of force and power in the modern way to score a picture. FORZO is a very flexible library you can produce soft dynamic tone, gigantic brass sounds, rhythmic moving, impacting texture, or mood defining underscore. It is one of the best libraries Heavyocity has released.”
-Thorsten Meyer

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