FORZO Review: “It is the ultimate brass tool…worth every penny.” (SoundBytes Mag)

SoundBytes Mag Reviews FORZO

“I have to say that Heavyocity has really nailed it with FORZO, and I’ve already replaced all the brass sections in my main orchestra template with those from FORZO. One of the most impressive cinematic instruments we’ve encountered lately. FORZO is an absolute winner on all fronts. First of all, this is one of the most fascinating instruments / libraries that I’ve come across lately. Secondly, I can’t find any problematic areas. Each instrument is perfectly playable and sounds rich, as brass instruments should sound, blending nicely with other libraries. The thing with FORZO is that all those brass instruments sound just perfect and can go shoulder to shoulder with many other well-known brass libraries with regards to the sound and the quality. They are sharp, but not annoyingly sharp as some brass libraries can be. They also sound fat, but not overly wet. Every section comes with an impressive number of articulations, from the most essential up to some very specific and exotic, but still quite usable, and some even unique enough that you won’t find them in any other libraries. Heavyocity has found a nice balance where all those unusual articulations still sounds very cinematic, having their own purpose. The whole library is one of the most feature-rich that I’ve come across lately. This is a great collection of both familiar and unusual instruments that easily combine essential tools with more innovative, off-the-beaten-track tools. FORZO brings quality, quantity and diversity, all in same package. You get a brass section with all sections, Brass loops and Brass sounds that go far beyond the basic brass sound. This gets my vote as one of the most amazing products that has come out this year. I’m really impressed with everything. So, if you need good brass instruments with all sections and articulations, this is even far more than that. It is the ultimate brass tool. It is worth every penny. After all, a good brass section is what gives power to any orchestral mockup.” -SoundBytes Mag

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