FORZO Review: “It’s clear that this product is a must-have” (Epicomposer)

Epicomposer Reviews FORZO

“In terms of quality and tonal variety, Heavyocity’s FORZO may very well be the next big thing in modern orchestral brass sampling. The sound quality of the instruments is amazing and remarkably consistent across the various articulations, playing styles and effects offered. The library’s overall sound is big, bold and powerful, but is also capable of creating those elusive lush, warm brass tones some other libraries struggle with. It is therefore perfectly suited to cinematic orchestral music of bigger proportions heard in today’s action scores or adventure cues. The masterfully captured Extended techniques and FX literally scream for being used in thrillers and horror movies. In addition to the well-rounded collection of traditional articulations, you get a huge range of unique “evolved” sounds and loops that masterfully cross the line between an organic and synthesized sound. The expansive list of functions, tools and processors on board of FORZO’s engines provides you with countless possible ways to morph, modulate and animate traditional brass sounds into hybrid orchestral sound design. The well-crafted and powerful sounding traditional instruments of FORZO would be worth getting the library alone. If you add the enormous amount of hybrid sound design tools and options into account that come with the “Evolved” section of FORZO though, it’s clear that this product is a must-have among modern media, film and game composers. Period.”

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