HY Blog: Danny Elfman’s Classical Music Side

Heavyocity Blog:Danny Elfman's Classical Music Side

Did you know that Danny Elfman also composes classical music? Well, he does. Elfman says in order to keep the artistic balance of feeling challenged, he makes time to write one classical composition a year, even if it means turning down scoring a film (and the paycheck that comes with it). To fulfill his commitment for 2017, Elfman wrote a piece specifically for the Berlin Philharmonic Piano Quartet which recently debuted during their US tour. He says that his classical compositions are actually rooted in his early work from the 60’s & 70’s (his “avant-garde theater” days), so it may be a slight deviation from the Batman-Nightmare-Avengers Elfman we’ve all come to know and love. He describes this piece as “a bit frolic…It’s deep, it’s heavy and light all at the same time.” We’re in.

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