HY Blog: GMU Professors Aim to Create Robot Orchestra

Heavyocity Blog:GMU Professors Aim to Create Robot Orchestra

There’s an old saying that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and here we have two professors from George Mason University that are…doing something like that. Daniel Lofaro, an Assistant Professor at GMU’s engineering school (the robot guy) and Edgar Endress, an Associate Professor at the art school (the art guy) have come together for their love of science, technology, art, and music to develop The Narrative Machine. These guys are taking second-hand, beyond-repair instruments and repurposing them in unconventional ways; a cello as percussion, or a violin as a digital theremin. All their pieces are automated, using MIDI to communicate with each other and make sound in the physical world, rather than through a speaker. The long term goal for these guys is to construct enough pieces to create a robotic orchestra (soon, please!). In the meantime, check out what they’ve done with this cello below:

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