HY Blog: Meet Pepper, the Smithsonian’s Art+Music Robot

Heavyocity Blog: Meet, Pepper, The Smithsonian's Art+Music Robot

What do you call a four-foot tall, big-eyed model of artificial intelligence? Meet Pepper, a humanoid robot that can turn art into music. Really. The engineers behind the Pepper robots (now appearing at the Smithsonian) created an intricate system that allows Pepper to scan an image and, through a few steps, turn its colors into sounds. Pepper translates the colors picked up from his scan into electronic pulses, and the pulses are then turned into sounds (using a complex system of synthesizers), with changes in note and frequency depending on the colors shown (is Pepper interested in a career in virtual instrument development?). Pepper has also been programmed with emotion detection software (living in those huge bug eyes), meaning she is capable of detecting facial reactions and responding to your reaction by showing you a painting that corresponds with your mood. And then she plays the song (that she wrote!) to correspond to the piece she just showed you. Mind officially blown.

Check out some of the tracks that Pepper has created below.

Read more about Pepper here.