Mosaic Keys & Mosaic Voices Review: “Inspirational and absolutely recommendable!” (Bonedo)

Bonedo Reviews Mosaic Keys & Mosaic Voices

“(Translated from German) “Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I like both libraries in terms of sound quality as well as the harmonious and complementary aesthetics. The parameters for the sound change are sensibly chosen, inspiring and also provide exactly the right “depth” to intervene appropriately in the sound, without getting bogged down in the parameter jungle. The clear and logical GUI favors a creative workflow and the “movement helpers” (macro sequencer, arpeggiator) always provide a lively sound. Overall very production-ready sounding and extremely tight sounds. I can easily use multiple instances in existing projects. For this, one obtains living and musical textures and instruments, which are also very useful in non-scoring contexts. The profitable and comprehensive use in the broad field of popular music is in my view, nothing in the way. I find positive that Mosaic Keys and Mosaic Voices are good “playable”, as well as the textures are largely without any major / minor or fundamental tone, which favors the universal usability. In terms of quality and aesthetics, the Mosaic Keys and Mosaic Voices Heavyocity Libraries are a successful entry into the new Mosaic Series product line for Kontakt and make them curious about which instruments will follow in the near future. Inspirational and absolutely recommendable!”

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