Mosaic Keys & Mosaic Voices Review: “Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.” (Thorsten Meyer)

StrongMocha Reviews Mosaic Keys & Mosaic Voices

“With Mosaic Keys & Mosaic Voices both produced and developed by Heavyocity, we are looking at the start of a new instruments series from Heavyocity. Mosaic Keys and Mosaic Voices targets professional composers who are working Ad, film and gaming score. Producing music both libraries are an excellent addition to your loops and samples. Mosaic Keys & Mosaic Voices comes with a very distinct sound that works very well with different moods you need to compose for matching the scene and emotion that are injected into the audience mind. Both Mosaic libraries allow you to support the mood of deep oppression or terror scenes, or when needed positive vibes. In these days you need always to come up with dangerous, cold and sad scores until the film industry changes you are well set with these two libraries. I look forward after this strong entry into the new Mosaic Series to the upcoming additional Mosaic library for Kontakt. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.”
-Thorsten Meyer

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