Mosaic Keys Review: “Impressive and pretty intuitive. I’m already impatient for more.” (Sound On Sound)

Sound On Sound Reviews Mosaic Keys

“The Mosaic front-end is slick, streamlined, but powerful. From mellow pop, through trip-hop and into cinematic scoring, Mosaic Keys has a distinct sonic niche but manages to cover a lot of ground. You can actually coax a wide range of sounds from Mosaic Keys. There are some beautiful, moody, haunting and utterly inspirational sounds here. Yes, it can do fairly conventional electronic piano-type sounds but there is actually way more to it than that. Indeed, Mosaic Keys is an impressive start to the Mosaic line and even more so given its fairly modest asking price. If this is an example of what the Mosaic Series is going to offer, I’m already impatient for more. 5 out of 5 stars!” -Sound On Sound

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