Mosaic Tape Review: “Perfect for cinematic sound design.” (Ask.Audio)

Ask.Audio Reviews Mosaic Tape

“Typically, tape fx just add some chorus, detune and maybe unison to achieve richness but here there’s far more going on. The sounds are absolutely recognisable as having the character of tape, that slight wobble and uncertainty that analog tape can impart, or simply the saturated warmth of a non-wow or fluttering tape system. But it’s taken to a new level, with single patches layering up to three sounds, each with their own detailed controls, and highly flexible modulation of the way the six effects move around and contort. To be clear, this isn’t necessarily a sound mangling tool, though that’s achievable if you push it to its extremes. It’s more a sound design tool that provides lush atmospheres, dynamic and moving sequences and ethereal soundscapes perfectly suited to the kinds of 80s-themed scores and soundtracks that are particularly popular today. That’s not to say it’s limited to that kind of feel, far from it. With the depth of sound shaping on offer, you can bend TAPE to almost any shape you wish. Pros: Excellent sound set tailored towards retro, lo-fi and ethereal. Great depth of sounds editing and tweaking tools. Clever dynamic effect animation. Extensive FX section and arps. Create complex, layered patches. Perfect for cinematic sound design.” -Ask.Audio

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