NOVO Review: “A seemingly unending stream of very usable, playable, interesting, and evocative textures” (Sound On Sound)

MusikerMagasinet Reviews Heavyocity NOVO

“Maybe the greatest compliment I can pay to this library is to say that it often seems to be a source of inspiration in itself. The Traditional instruments are sufficiently good that you’ll want to try out different orchestrations with them: they’re worth the effort. String Designer, on the other hand, can draw you into surprising and rewarding musical areas. It’s a true hybrid, combining the best features of both sampler and synth. The mod wheel dynamics and macros do their jobs beautifully, offering expressivity without the need for programming and MIDI controller complexity. The net result is a seemingly unending stream of very usable, playable, interesting and evocative textures. You can’t ask for much more than that, from any instrument, old or new.” -Sound On Sound

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