Keys & Synth

Pristine piano, fat synth, and almost everything in between.


The incomparable 9-foot Concert D, Reimagined.

Mosaic Pluck

A re-envisioning of Synthetic & Organic Plucked Sources.

Mosaic Tape

The cinematic possibility of Analog Tape.

Mosaic Bass

Synth Bass re-envisioned as a Modern Scoring Tool

Mosaic Keys

Organic + Synthetic + Sound Design. A re-envisioning of Electric Keys.

Synthetic Strings

A dozen classic and contemporary synths, reinvigorated by the powerful NOVO engine.


The classic digital calculator-synthesizer hybrid, now available for Reaktor.


A custom sequencer synth built for discovery. What will you do with it?


A trinity of retro synths, inspired by the 70s & 80s. Featuring vintage drums, bass, and keys.

BitRate II & Monoboy

The chipsounds, lofi sampling, and glitchy circuit bending of retro gaming synths.

AEON Melodic

Traditional, ethnic, and orchestral with searing synths and edgy samples.