Free Production Loops 2018

What's Included

Free Production Loops



Heavyocity's Free Production Loops were built entirely from the acclaimed GRAVITY PACKS line of virtual instruments, featuring all-new loop content NOT contained in these packs. Delivering 460 MB of all-new WAV & Apple Loops files, this year's Free Production Loops release contains 80 loops (40 vocal-based, 40 guitar-based), created using Natural Forces, Vocalise, Scoring Guitars, Vocalise 2, and Scoring Guitars 2. Available for a limited time only.

About GRAVITY Packs

GRAVITY Packs offer a diverse array of standalone expansion libraries housed in Heavyocity’s critically-acclaimed GRAVITY engine. Now with a line of five unique virtual instruments, including Heavyocity favorites Vocalise and Scoring Guitars, the GRAVITY Packs have been established as industry-standard creative tools, making their way into the palettes of dozens of professional film, game, and television composers. Use of these free vocal and guitar loops does NOT require GRAVITY.
Scoring Guitars & Vocalise

Guitars | Vocals

With 40 guitar-based loops and 40 vocal-based loops, 2018's Free Production Loops are instantly usable, and instantly inspirational. The vocal loops, which feature the evocative vocal content from Vocalise and Vocalise 2, add texture and life to any track or score, and the guitar loops (built from Scoring Guitars and Scoring Guitars 2), are rife with emotional phrases and chunky pedals.

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