PUNISH Review: “We’re hard pressed to find a single weakness with PUNISH” (DJBooth.net)

DJBooth.net Reviews Heavyocity's PUNISH

“We’re hard pressed to find a single weakness with Punish – it’s one of the best sounding and fun to use saturation/enhancement plugins we’ve ever encountered. If you’re a beginning/intermediate producer looking for your first 3rd party saturator, it’s hard to recommend one above Punish, simply because of the sheer value you’re getting here and the range of sounds you can dial in with the modules. Since the compressor, EQ, and transient enhancer can be used independent of the saturator, you’re getting a tremendously flexible processor. For more advanced producers, we similarly can’t recommend Punish enough; even if you’ve got a large collection of similar processors already (as we do), you’ll find yourself going to Punish as a first option for sound design more often than not – it’s capable of taking a weak source sound and transforming it into something punchy, vibrant, and in-your-face all within one efficient plugin. ” -DJBooth.net

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