Rhythmic Textures Review: “This instrument provides some of the best motion pads I’ve ever used.” (Ask.Audio)

Ask.Audio Reviews Rhythmic Textures

“Rhythmic Textures is a fine addition to the NOVO family, and the perfect addition to any musician who wants to make music using strings or inspired by strings. Pads with motion, arpeggiations with character, and organic strings with drama round out this awesome library. My favorite part of Rhythmic Textures comes in the form of the Rhythmic Texture Designer…You’ve got a vast array of cleverly designed sounds that use acoustic strings as the ‘inspiration’, but really twist and warp what strings can sound like to the max. From synths to musical beds, there is so much here to get excited about. For me, it hits the perfect ‘sweet spot’ between pre-sequenced loop and actual playable instrument. Two thumbs up, for sure.” -Ask.Audio

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