Scoring Acoustic Guitars Quick Look: “This is a heavyweight beast of scoring, packaged all in one!” (Sample Library Review)

"I love the sound of this - really wonderfully recorded. I wouldn't have expected anything less."

- Sample Library Review

“First of all, I love the sound of this – really wonderfully recorded. I wouldn’t have expected anything less. These guitarscapes really surprised me at just how far out the instrument goes from the actual guitar sounds but, it shouldn’t because Heavyocity has such great sound design stuff that they’re putting out. Those performance palettes – boy, that was fun to play with and I can see how I’m going to be able to kick start tons of stuff with those! As for the pedals, those will probably be the most useful to many of us – being able to instantly jump in and move around with our root note right along with our composition to have a little bit of great guitar drive there. Overall, this is a heavyweight beast of scoring packaged all in one. Gravity Pack 07 definitely moving up the list of my favorite Gravity Packs.” -Sample Library Review

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