Scoring Bass Review: “GP06 is a great addition to your collection.” (KK-Access)

KK-Access Reviews Scoring Bass

“Without exception I have always found using Heavyocity libraries to be an enjoyable experience, both sonically and practically, GP6 Scoring Bass does not break with tradition here. The presets sound cutting edge, polished, fresh and mix ready which is important regardless of whether you are putting a track together in a hurry or taking your time, if things sound great to start with, then half of the battle has already been won! There are a good supply of pads, rhythmic loops, riffs and melodies, special effects and playable presets all created by the talented Heavyocity sound design team using the award winning Gravity engine, to emboss that unique Heavyocity hallmark cinematic sound, suffice to say that standard electric bass sounds are only part of the content, and there is much mutilation, grunge and analog synth electronic joy aplenty in the overall scheme of things. There is a wealth of low end material within Scoring Bass, and all will readily lend itself to cinematic, trailer composition, app and game design.” -KK-Access

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