Scoring Bass Review: “Instantly useful and intensely inspirational.” (Thorsten Meyer)

StrongMocha Reviews Scoring Bass

Scoring Bass gives you the vibe, energy, and resolution of excellent sounding bass guitars. Overall the basses are just stunning good. You can use this library in so many applications and genres. Scoring Bass is excellent when you need to lay down a bass foundation or to add a low-end vibe to your track. Scoring Bass delivers excellent cinematic low-end sound and bass guitar vibes. This is so much more than just a bass guitar, you can enter the mysterious and amazing low-end world of butchered sounds. This bass library rests flawlessly in your cinematic scoring and can be used in many genres. Scoring Bass is an excellent enhancement to any sound designer and composer toolbox. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.” -Thorsten Meyer

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