Scoring Bass Review: “Some very cool sounds to be explored. 5 out of 5 stars!” (Sound On Sound)

Sound On Sound Reviews Scoring Bass

“Heavyocity is obviously keen for potential users to see Scoring Bass as a complementary library to the other Gravity Packs and, in particular, the two Scoring Guitars titles. Given the competitive pricing, these are titles that are easily accessible to the aspiring media composer. However, I suspect even those with a few Hollywood blockbusters under their belt would find plenty of interest here also. Scoring Bass — like the other Gravity Packs — is excellent stuff and represents good value for money. There is some cool playing here and it is super-easy to build a perfectly convincing complete bass part. The sound–design work done here makes very good use of Gravity’s sound–shaping capabilities; there are some very cool sounds to be explored here and plenty of opportunities to shape them further using the effects and modulation options offered by the engine. 5 out of 5 stars!” -Sound On Sound

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