Scoring Guitars 2 Review: “This one is kind of a no-brainer.” (AskAudio)

AskAudio Reviews Scoring Guitars 2

“Heavyocity is still doing some really wild things with the Gravity Engine for Kontakt, and Scoring Guitars 2 is the latest example of how far they can push it. This collection of cinematic-slanted guitar instruments, phrases, and samples is diverse and highly configurable. I spent a few days with it to see what makes it tick. The sum of all of its parts really brings SG2 together into the diverse instrument that it is. The patches range from rocking riffs where the guitar is clear and present to patches that are sonically twisted to the point where it sounds like an analog synth. The common thread however is motion, evolution, and drama. Scoring Guitars 2 is expertly designed for cinematic use and it is in that realm that it shines. This one is kind of a no-brainer.” -AskAudio

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