Scoring Guitars 2 Review: “Slick, powerful sounds that are ready to rumble.” (audionewsroom)

Producer Spot Reviews Scoring Guitars 2

“Overall I really like the sound of this. The pads are deep and atmospheric, as you can expect if you’ve used Gravity. The rhythms and pulses are good, and the phrases are useful if you need some quick licks etc It’s got everything you need for a guitar soundscape in a cinematic composition. Slick, powerful sounds that are ready to rumble. I’m really happy with this – I think it’s a fantastic addition to Gravity, and it works great as a standalone library too. If you need some licks for your crime underscore tracks, or gritty pads and plucks for an action sequence or trailer, this is definitely worth checking out. The sounds are great, the editing features of the Gravity engine provide a lot of flexibility, and it’s priced VERY nicely for what you get. Check it out!”

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