Synthetic Strings Review: “Another supreme release from Heavyocity” (Sample Sound Review)

Sample Sound Review Reviews Synthetic Strings

“To be frank, Synthetic Strings is just plain Killer! The warm, rich, ethereal beauty of the evolving instruments in Synthetic Strings had me engrossed in a state of composing hypnosis. I heard sounds I’ve been waiting for and leave it to Heavyocity to deliver an astounding experience. This pack is worth every dollar and is certainly one of my favorite releases of the year next to Forzo. If you want to hear something truly momentous load Forzo and Synthetic Strings together in Kontakt. No matter what music you are scoring, you will find Synthetic Strings an essential part of your composing library tools. It’s not only engaging but it fills the void missing in most string libraries I’ve heard. There is not one con I found in this library. There are so many capabilities with this instrument and the sound quality is produced with excellence. Synthetic Strings is another supreme release from Heavyocity and is beautifully crowned a 5 out of 5 Stars!”
-Sample Sound Review

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