VENTO Review: “Unheard of soundscapes with woodwinds.” (Bonedo)

Sample Sound Review Reviews VENTO

“[TRANSLATED] In this series, previously composed of NOVO (strings) and FORZO (brass) , VENTO is now the woodwind library, which fits seamlessly into the sound of the house. Heavyocity’s VENTO is a good end to the standard package strings, sheet metal and wood. Both sound aesthetics and operation seamlessly connect to the two predecessor libraries and complete the package. What you have to absolutely credit for Heavyocity is that they create unheard of soundscapes with woodwinds and explore new terrain. With that they enter at a time. PROS: very good sound, endless editing options, new horizons at the woodwind front, creating easy organic sounds by cycle, sonically logical addition to the two predecessor libraries, and rich FX offerings. 4.5 out of 5 stars.” -Bonedo

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