New Releases

Introducing Mosaic Pads

Mosaic Pads is the newest addition to the acclaimed Mosaic Series line of virtual instruments. Mosaic Pads transforms a myriad of hand-crafted, synthesized sounds into a wide range of cinematic possibilities. Brimming with inspiration and intangible movement, these unique soundscapes, eerie tones, and unearthly textures were designed to enhance any score — setting an instant mood and evoking an entirely new level of creativity.

With over 100 meticulously-crafted snapshots, ranging from mellow to eerie, unnerving to gritty, Mosaic Pads is the perfect addition to this inspiring series, providing compelling textures capable of creating your sonic story.

And for a limited time, Heavyocity is offering Mosaic Pads for $99 (reg. $119). In addition, owners of other Mosaic Series instruments will receive an additional 20% off. Shop now at
Offers end September 30, 2022.