Our collection of orchestral instruments VST and symphonic plugins includes strings, brass, and woodwinds instruments built for modern scores.

Symphonic Destruction

Our Deconstructed Hybrid Orchestra. Built to push the bounds of modern scoring.


The strength & beauty of a 50-piece string orchestra, right at your fingertips.


Experience the power of orchestral brass, like you never have before.


Transform the Traditional. A new kind of Cinematic Woodwinds.

NOVO Essentials

The blockbuster string sound of NOVO, at an affordable price.

FORZO Essentials

A collection of core elements from the cinematic brass of FORZO.

VENTO Essentials

A collection of Cinematic Woodwinds, built from VENTO.

Intimate Textures

The textural beauty of violin, viola, & cello ensembles meet our signature sound design.

Rhythmic Textures

Unique rhythmic articulations performed by world-class chamber string ensembles.