Epic organic to aggressive hybrid. Looking for huge drums? Look no further. Check out our virtual percussion software!

Damage 2

The epic sequel to the iconic original.

Uncharted 88

Deeply sampled and mysteriously edgy organic percussion that gets inside your head

Damage Drum Kit

A massive drum kit tailored for the epic aggression of modern scoring and music

Damage Rock Grooves

The Ultimate Groove Starter. Hard-hitting, dynamic drum loops to fuel your next aggressive cue.


Stylized collection of modular synth, live percussion, and processed drum machines.

Ensemble Woods Collection

The vibrant character of percussive woods. With 11 ensemble wood kits & 300+ loops.

Ensemble Metals Collection

The new standard for cinematic metals. With 12 ensemble metal kits & 300+ loops.

Ethnic Drum Ensembles Collection

Taikos, frame drums, congas, and surdos deliver unique, punchy ensembles.

Ensemble Drums Collection

The original Master Sessions. Traditional drums, epic performances.


The apex of epic cinematic percussion. Accept no substitutes.