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Everything you need to start scoring now.

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Mosaic Pads

Otherworldly and atmospheric textures to elevate your sonic palette

Vocalise 3

A Richly Evocative, Atmospheric, and Soul-Stirring Vocal Experience.

Damage Drum Kit

A massive drum kit tailored for the epic aggression of modern scoring and music

Synth Bass

An empowering free synth bass, powered by the free Kontakt Player

Play It Forward v. 2022

Loops developed to support the advancement of global health equity

Nylon Guitar

An intimate free classical acoustic guitar, powered by the free Kontakt Player

Damage 2

The epic sequel to the iconic original.

Symphonic Destruction

Our Deconstructed Hybrid Orchestra. Built to push the bounds of modern scoring.

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The incomparable 9-foot Concert D, Reimagined.


Experience the evolution of cinematic sound.

Vocalise 2

The evocative experience continues with 3+ GB of pure vocal inspiration.


The strength & beauty of a 50-piece string orchestra, right at your fingertips.