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Everything you need to start scoring now.

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Damage Guitars

Unlock your inner guitar god with explosive riffs, sparkling tones, and thrilling transitions.

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Damage Rock Grooves

The Ultimate Groove Starter. Hard-hitting, dynamic drum loops to fuel your next aggressive cue.

Mosaic Neon

Breathing inspiring new life into classic synth pads, rhythms, textures, and arpeggios.

Uncharted 88

Deeply sampled and mysteriously edgy organic percussion that gets inside your head

Vocalise 3

A Richly Evocative, Atmospheric, and Soul-Stirring Vocal Experience.

Damage 2

The epic sequel to the iconic original.

Symphonic Destruction

Our Deconstructed Hybrid Orchestra. Built to push the bounds of modern scoring.


A distortion playground to shape, crunch, and mangle your sound.

Damage Drum Kit

A massive drum kit tailored for the epic aggression of modern scoring and music


The strength & beauty of a 50-piece string orchestra, right at your fingertips.


Experience the power of orchestral brass, like you never have before.


Transform the Traditional. A new kind of Cinematic Woodwinds.