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Everything you need to start scoring now.

Play It Forward v. 2021

Loops developed to aid in the fight against World Hunger

Save $200.00!


Experience the power of orchestral brass, like you never have before.

Damage 2

The epic sequel to the iconic original.


The incomparable 9-foot Concert D, Reimagined.


Experience the evolution of cinematic sound.

Mosaic Pluck

A re-envisioning of Synthetic & Organic Plucked Sources.

Scoring Acoustic Guitars

A journey into the inspiring world of cinematic Acoustic Guitars.


The strength & beauty of a 50-piece string orchestra, right at your fingertips.


Transform the Traditional. A new kind of Cinematic Woodwinds.

NOVO Essentials

The blockbuster string sound of NOVO, at an affordable price.

FORZO Essentials

A collection of core elements from the cinematic brass of FORZO.

VENTO Essentials

A collection of Cinematic Woodwinds, built from VENTO.