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Transform Your Sound

This expressive designer tool redefines audio manipulation, allowing you to transport your sound to completely new and impossible spaces. More than just a delay and reverb effect VST, Heavyocity's VAST provides intuitive controls, innovative impulses, unique rhythmic echoes, and unconventional effects for a true playground of creative experimentation.

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Test Your Creativity

Try out VAST | Impulse Engine for free! Transform, Expand, and Shape your sound to your heart's delight with all of the features at your fingertips (The demo of VAST will time out after 15 minutes).

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Creative Spaces

Welcome to the ultimate space creator, offering textures and reverbs for crafting non-traditional and unique sonic environments. VAST empowers you to artistically shape and mold the impulse response, allowing you to unlock complex ethereal pads and lush atmospheres.

Realistic Reverbs

VAST delivers a wide variety of options for real acoustic spaces and devices. From the most intimate ambient Rooms, to the grandest of Halls, or the expansiveness of immense spaces, the reverbs in this VST offer versatile sonic personality and character for a wide array of production needs.

Rhythmic Patterns

VAST sets itself apart from traditional delay tools with a diverse host of rhythmic convolutions and echoes. These tempo-synced impulse responses transform an ordinary source into a distinctly inspiring rhythmic groove. Quickly build and shape a beat from any simple sound source.

Custom Signal Flow

Not just about static impulse responses; this is a designer's playground, allowing you to define your own signal chain of the FX modules with flexible routing and additional in-depth controls. Re-arrange the Gate, EQ, Delay, Convolution, Compressor, and Mix for your desired effect.

Endless Impulses

Elevate your sonic signature by seamlessly loading your own audio files into VAST as your impulse response source. Open up endless possibilities with this VST as you shape your unique reverbs, ensuring your sound is truly one-of-a-kind.

Auto Resonance

Quickly clean up and fine-tune your effects to enhance overall sound quality and eliminate unwanted resonances caused by room acoustics and impulses. This feature intelligently scans the impulse and lowers the offending frequencies.

VAST | Impulse Engine


Awards, Reviews, and Testimonials

Vast is an intuitive and creative plugin, perfect for playing with space and time. It transforms sound in its own way, great for instant mojo and deep experimentation alike.

Ramin Djawadi

Eternals, House of the Dragon, Game of Thrones

Creativity Playground

Infinite creative possibilities are at your fingertips with innovative controls and unconventional effects. More than just a delay, and more than just a reverb - from tempo-synced echo like effects to dynamic spatial shaping, you will be empowered to transform your sound.

Endless Possibilities

A fully customizable processing chain offers a groundbreaking level of flexibility. You have the power to define your own sonic journey by reordering effects, and choosing from a variety of configurations, blending the dry and wet sound throughout the chain.

Diverse Presets

Brimming with over 200 custom-made presets each ready to immerse your audio into captivating environments, unlock unique blends for inspiration and depth, or open the door to unconventional atmospheres. VAST is equipped with immediate, fully customizable starting points waiting to be explored.

Loaded Impulse Library

A diverse array of meticulously curated IRs across eight distinct categories—Rooms, Halls, Large, Immense, Plates, Springs, Textures, and Rhythmic Patterns. Release your creativity and sculpt your audio with precision using these versatile tools. Explore immersive reverbs, craft the ambiance, and push the boundaries of your sonic landscape.

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  • Over 200 Expertly-Crafted Presets in Seven Categories
      • Creative Echoes
      • Creative Textures
      • Reverses
      • Reverbs
      • Guitar
      • Drums
      • Vocals
  • Over 200 Unique Impulse Responses in 8 Categories
      • Rooms
      • Halls
      • Plates
      • Springs
      • Large
      • Immense
      • Rhythmic
      • Textures
  • 5 Unique Effects modules
      • Gate
      • EQ
      • Convolution
      • Delay
      • Compression
  • Master Output section with Reverb, Tone, and Clipping
  • Load your own Impulse Files
  • Plug-in Formats (64-bit only):
    • AAX, VST3, and Audio Units (AU)
  • System Requirements:
    • Mac: OS X 10.15.7 or later (Intel and Silicon compatible)
    • Windows: Windows 10 or later
    • *Internet connection and a account is required to activate
  • Supported Host Applications:
    • Pro Tools 2020+, Live 10+, Cubase 12+, Logic Pro X, DP10+, Cakewalk, Bitwig