Pushing the ordinary into new sonic territory.

Play It Forward v. 2021

Loops developed to aid in the fight against World Hunger


The incomparable 9-foot Concert D, Reimagined.


Experience the evolution of cinematic sound.

Mosaic Pluck

A re-envisioning of Synthetic & Organic Plucked Sources.

Mosaic Tape

The cinematic possibility of Analog Tape.

Mosaic Bass

Synth Bass re-envisioned as a Modern Scoring Tool

Mosaic Voices

A vocal engine designed to inspire. The human voice, reimagined.

Mosaic Keys

Organic + Synthetic + Sound Design. A re-envisioning of Electric Keys.

Natural Forces

A seismic collection of hits and stings, inspired by the earth's raw frequencies.

AEON Collection

A cinematic icon, delivering 27+ GB of organic, hybrid, synth, & rhythmic elements.

AEON Melodic

Traditional, ethnic, and orchestral with searing synths and edgy samples.

AEON Rhythmic

Over 300 carefully-sculpted melodic loops for quick and easy inspiration.