Our hybrid VST collection pushes the ordinary into new sonic territory.

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Mosaic Pads

Otherworldly and atmospheric textures to elevate your sonic palette

Play It Forward v. 2022

Loops developed to support the advancement of global health equity

Symphonic Destruction

Our Deconstructed Hybrid Orchestra. Built to push the bounds of modern scoring.

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The incomparable 9-foot Concert D, Reimagined.


Experience the evolution of cinematic sound.


Tonal percussion transformed into the realm of modern scoring.

Mosaic Voices

A vocal engine designed to inspire. The human voice, reimagined.

Mosaic Bass

Synth Bass re-envisioned as a Modern Scoring Tool

Mosaic Tape

The cinematic possibility of Analog Tape.

Mosaic Keys

Organic + Synthetic + Sound Design. A re-envisioning of Electric Keys.

Mosaic Pluck

A re-envisioning of Synthetic & Organic Plucked Sources.

Natural Forces

A seismic collection of hits and stings, inspired by the earth's raw frequencies.