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Heavyocity's Mosaic Neon breathes inspiring new life into the harmonically rich world of vintage synthesis techniques. This retro synth VST reimagines them in new and innovative ways and captures the colorful and emotional essence they can elicit.



Blending nostalgia with innovation, Mosaic Neon is a retro synth VST that utilizes legendary synthesis techniques to shape future sounds for constructing iconic and emotional cues of any scale.


With its vast array of transformed sources, Mosaic Neon offers a diverse array of options for creating unique sonic elements that can infuse your compositions with unconventional qualities


Over 100 customizable snapshot presets chock-full of emotive qualities ranging from nostalgic to menacing, somber to bright—this retro synth VST is ideal for cue-starters for modern composers.


Awards, Reviews, and Testimonials

Heavyocity delivers a set of fantastic sounds with Mosaic Neon. Every patch has something special to offer, from quirky to hazy to rich and driving. It’s a particularly fun collection to explore.

Ramin Djawadi

House of the Dragon, Eternals, Game of Thrones

A powerful and versatile instrument that offers a wide range of vintage synth sounds, reimagined in new and innovative ways. The four categories of presets offer a wide range of sounds, perfect for adding color and emotion to your tracks.

Germaine Franco

Encanto, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Little


Mosaic Neon elevates a wide palette of quintessential synth sounds into dynamic, score-friendly cinematic elements such as ethereal pads, complex rhythms, warm textures, and hypnotic arpeggios.


Mosaic Neon's compelling content rejuvenates vintage sounds, but its real power lies in the captivating textures and exciting rhythmic features that emerge when they are layered across the Mosaic Engine's three channels, resulting in a rich and dynamic sonic landscape.


Conceived to keep composers creative, each instrument in the Mosaic Series features a unique set of foundational elements, designed for custom layering and combination.

  • 1,406 Samples
  • 84 Unique Sources:
    • 28 Pads
    • 25 Keys and Mallets
    • 11 Chiptunes
    • 10 Noise Layers
    • 10 Attack Layers
  • 114 Custom Presets
  • Intuitive Sample Browser
  • ARP for building complex, rhythmic arpeggios
  • MACRO knob for dynamic multi-parameter control
  • 4.93 GB uncompressed (3.71 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
  • Powered by the Kontakt 6 Engine
  • Kontakt 6.7.1 (Player) or later
  • Komplete Kontrol integrated (NKS-ready)
  • Available as direct download only
  • Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
  • Minimum System Requirements:
    • Mac: macOS 10.14, 10.15, 11 or 12 (latest update)
    • PC: Windows 10 or 11 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics hardware support for OpenGL 2.1 or higher
    • 4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended for large KONTAKT Instruments)