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NOVO Essentials

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What's Included

What's included in NOVO Essentials

NOVO Essentials
  • A Curated set of core content from NOVO: Modern Strings
  • Lush traditional strings for quick composition
  • Creative string designer for cinematic sound design
  • Hand-crafted loops for instant inspiration
  • Full Content Breakdown
Instrument Details

Curated Core Content

NOVO Essentials Overview


Introducing NOVO Essentials, a collection of core content curated from the acclaimed virtual instrument, NOVO: Modern Strings. Featuring deeply-sampled organic strings recorded at the famous Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Bros. Studios, NOVO Essentials contains the same three-engine functionality of the full NOVO instrument (Traditional Strings, Hybrid Strings, and String Loops), but with a more-streamlined content set for composers of all budgets and levels of experience.


At its core, NOVO Essentials still delivers the sought-after string sound of composers like Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman (from the famed Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Bros.), but now in a seamless Full Ensemble preset. It's a perfect introduction to the sound of Hollywood virtual string instruments, or an excellent quick compositional tool for the deadline-strapped composer. NOVO Essentials includes four key articulations: Sustains, Tremolos, Staccatos, and Pizzicatos.


NOVO Essentials is the sonic potential of a 50-piece orchestra, plus Heavyocity's signature sound-design techniques: tweaking, processing, mangling, and mashing up these meticulously-recorded sources into an all-new crop of hybrid cinematic elements. Add in the full functionalities of the innovative NOVO engine, and composers of all budgets and styles now have access to the most dynamic sound-shaping capabilities a virtual string instrument has ever offered.

NOVO Essentials: Videos and Tutorials

Industry Accolades for NOVO Essentials

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