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Introducing Vocalise 3

Vocalise 3 is a richly evocative, atmospheric, and soul-stirring vocal experience. Building on the inspiring content from its award-winning predecessors, Vocalise and Vocalise 2, Heavyocity’s Vocalise 3 is an emotive exploration that unearths the beauty, intimacy, and profound power of the human voice ― making it our most complete and cutting-edge vocal library to date.

Featuring 7GB of ethereal vocal content, Vocalise 3 unveils the deeply expressive nature of cinematic vocals ― from organic phrases to abstract whispers to haunting soundscapes ━ these are delicate hybrid vocals that flow beyond emotion.

Vocalise 3 is available for $99 (reg. $119) at
Offer ends August 22, 2022