KK-Access Reviews Damage Guitars

"Heavyocity has certainly unleashed a bit of a monster here, Damage Guitars is an outstanding library."

- KK-Access


“Damage is undoubtedly the product that brought Heavyocity to the attention of the music producing masses, and the ongoing demand and interest is still such for this series that Heavyocity are still continuing to add to it over a decade after the first release. Damage Guitars is the newest addition, and what an addition it is. Regardless of whether you happen to be an exponent of heavy rock guitar, a mere ten minutes of playing with this un-caged monster will surely unleash your axe wielding self, and by this I am of course referencing someone like Eddie Van Halen rather than the character from The Shining!

It’s very difficult to avoid the use of stock phrases like ‘out of the box’, ‘mix ready’, ‘production ready’ and my personally most disliked quotation still remains ‘radio ready’, but it’s equally difficult to find an alternative. The fact is that Damage Guitars does immediately sound impressive as soon as you load it up. All the tricks and FX processing you would generally put in place yourself to achieve that hard metal sound, are already done for you, and to such a high quality that most would be hard pressed to replicate it. The audio spectrum is fully occupied, from the grungy lows to the soaring highs, all the thrills and energy has been perfectly captured and work so well together.

Heavyocity has certainly unleashed a bit of a monster here, Damage Guitars is an outstanding library with a fantastic collection of rock solid metal riffs. The playable guitars feel like an added bonus that exemplify Heavyocity’s continued desire to maximize value and creativity for their customers. Damage Rock Grooves brilliantly integrates with Damage Guitars, but is equally usable as the bedrock for your music compositions.

Together, Damage Guitars & Damage Rock Grooves make a formidable team that can add some real power and hard-edged gravitas to your scores, truly bang for your buck!” -KK-Access

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