Mosaic Pluck Review: “Another welcome addition to this series.” (KK-Access)

“I was really pleasantly surprised at the usability that Mosaic Plucks can offer. As always the presets have been expertly crafted by the Heavyocity design team, the sounds really standout in a mix and sparkle amazingly in a wide speaker setup with the volume cranked up. Overall it is this creative sound design that takes what in less competent hands could easily have been a more mediocre exploitation of a theme, and propels it to the level where each single preset can tell it’s own story, Heavyocity has again demonstrated that the medium of audio can become a visual concept, and vice versa. Ideal for film, game & media composers, but equally of value to the ambient, chillout and possibly even the EDM producer. Mosaic Pluck is certainly another welcome addition to this series.” -KK-Access

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