Mosaic Tape Review: “A comprehensive collection of signature sounds.” (Epicomposer)

Epicomposer Reviews Mosaic Tape

“Heavyocity made use of the many creative colors, aged analog tape can add to a signal. These include – of course – pleasing saturation and distortion, but also many sorts of modulation effects like flanging, flutter, tape wow, and chorusing. By running organic instruments like string ensembles, electric pianos, and tuned percussion through these analog tape processing chains, Heavyocity came up with a comprehensive collection of interesting signature sounds. Mosaic Tape shows the creative sound design possibilities of running ordinary sounds through analog tape machines. With Tape, Heavyocity adds a welcome addition to their Mosaic series of cinematic sound design toolkits. All those grungy, wobbly and modulating instruments represent a wonderful contrast to polished orchestral sounds and will surely help to make an otherwise synthetic sounding arrangement feel much more organic. The selection of 100 well-designed presets offers much to choose from and provides good starting points to get creative yourself. The sound design possibilities of the Mosaic interface are in fact one of the product range’s absolute strengths, as it really invites you to create your own, unique sounds. In times where musical genres like synthwave, vaporwave and 80s-inspired film soundtrack are on the rise, the analog warmth and intentional sonic imperfection of Mosaic Tape goes together like David Hasselhoff and a talking, black Trans Am.” -Epicomposer

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