Our Interview with All That Remains Guitarist Jason Richardson

On how Hans Zimmer inspired his new song “Tendinitis”:

“One example I’ve been using recently is for my newest song “Tendinitis”, which I got inspired from watching the Hans Zimmer Masterclass series. I had a piano open on my midi controller when I started watching the series just in case inspiration struck and sure enough, it did. Hans said that he doesn’t think he’s ever written a melody that couldn’t be played with one hand on the piano. I put my hand on my midi controller when he said that and just played the very first piano part in the song “Tendinitis”. I was only on video 3 of 31 in the series so I stopped watching and started working on the intro to that song immediately. There were no guitar parts to the song until I had around a minute long intro — I programmed a synth arpeggiator in there and the idea popped into my head of what that synth would sound like if I learned how to play it on guitar. So I figured it out and that ended up being the main riff of the song.”

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