Our Interview with Trivium Guitarist & Lead Vocalist Matthew Kiichi Heafy

On his transition into scoring for games:

“When I was 10/11 years old, before getting into Metal, I played the first ‘Doom’ and knew I wanted to make music like that. At 7/8/9 years old I was very much into the music from the Final Fantasy games. Ghibli films, anime, and Japanese shows/culture were always a huge part of my life. I feel all these things made my muscle-memory prepared when it came time to finally get into crafting game music. While Trivium’s original music has been in games a lot over the years, I had always dreamed of fully forging an entire score of original music for games.

My first full soundtrack was for Martial Arts Tycoon under Chance Glasco (COD MW). He asked me one day in Jiu Jitsu class “do you want to score our game?” To which an instantaneous “yes please!” came from yours truly. Then he asked “can you make Brazilian music?”, “Yes?” Was my answer. I then learned how to make Brazilian music. I’ve since been able to complete a couple more entire scores and featured tracks for games I can’t disclose just yet. But yes, lots of metal and orchestral and industrial/electronic incoming.”

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