Our Interview with TSO Keyboardist Jane Mangini

On her love/hate relationship with performing live as a TSO keyboardist:

“I have always had a love/hate relationship with performing. When I was a kid, I didn’t exactly work on any musical assignments I was given. I had to play one particular recital and it was not good. I remember my legs shaking and me crying and my mother was horrified. Then there was the cover band when I was in high school named Rapture (my friends called it “Rupture,” as in one’s eardrums – :-). Things got much better when I got to Boston and got to play in rock clubs. The only thing I was missing in those early years was VOLUME. I find playing loudly with others is a handy way to hide the clams. With TSO, it is easy and comfortable because there is so much going on (pyro, stage fog, lasers, dancers, etc.) that there is no time to get jittery.”

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