Our Interview with Vocalist/Composer Tori Letzler

“Batman vs. Superman” movie soundtrack composer Tori Letzler on working with the Hans Zimmer:

“I’m sure this sounds cliche, but I genuinely love every project I work on because I always learn something. Whether it’s as a vocalist or a composer, I love working with new clients because its always exciting to start developing a new creative relationship. That being said, working with Hans Zimmer on Batman Vs. Superman holds a really special place in my heart. Having started at Remote Control as just an intern and working my way up, it was a big moment for me. We recorded the main titles with me standing directly behind Hans’ rig, reading the part from his MIDI editor, while he sat beside me. You would think that would be a lot of pressure, but Hans has always been so supportive toward me and really makes it a collaboration between artist and composer, not just reading notes on a page. He comes at things from such a band mentality, and it really allows for great creative expression.”

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