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Heavyocity's AEON Rhythmic VST is a versatile sound design software that delivers 400 presets worth of super-fat analog synths and expressive organic instruments, melding these cinematic sources into an electro-organic collection of cutting-edge rhythmic loops.



AEON Rhythmic VST is a sound design software that offers 315 carefully-sculpted melodic loops, arranged into three main categories: Menu Suites, Single Loops, and Three Loop Combos for quick and easy melodic development.


AEON Rhythmic's all-new Loop Mutator™ lets you re-compose and re-imagine 300 loops with spectacular results. Use any of AEON Rhythmic's tonal loops as they are or turn on the Loop Mutator™ and create unique sequences that are completely your own.


Three levels of effects are intrinsically bound to the presets of this rhythmic sound design software. Apply effects globally, trigger performance effects, or tweak individual sounds. The iconic Punish and Twist knobs preside over everything, adding signature drive and character.


Awards, Reviews, and Testimonials

"After using Aeon Melodic and Rhythmic for just one week I am really taken away by its proficiency. I normally swear by my hardware but have found new light and faith in this absolutely brilliant instrument."

Maher Daniel

Bedrock, All Day I Dream, Souvenir

"AEON Melodic and Rhythmic are two extremely powerful instruments packed with high end sounds and I can't wait to explore them further in the next weeks! Expect some new tunes from me with AEON sounds involved!"


Greenhorn Records, Kling Klong, Systematic Recordings

"Heavyocity continues to offer the most innovative and dynamic sounds. Both AEON Rhythmic and AEON Melodic are creative, inspiring, and will provide a unique sound to any music project."

Ramin Djawadi

Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Westworld

"...both Aeon Rhythmic and Melodic sound fantastic. Simply put - instantly usable sounds in an infinitely customizable interface, deeply and expertly programmed."

Mark Isham

Chicago Hope, Crash, Once Upon A Time


We spent two-plus years capturing a wide array of instruments, and over 10,000 samples, all recorded at 48 kHz, 24-bit in world-class studios. From tuned cowbells and upright bass to pristine crotales and harps, AEON Rhythmic arms you with a vast range of timbres, ready to add the unique, the unnerving, and the exquisite to your score.


AEON Rhythmic provides a vast range of sampled material including a number of unique ensembles. Performed in unison, these ensembles combined untraditional instruments like tuned dinner bells, stringed oil cans, and plucked guitars.


For AEON Rhythmic, Heavyocity captured true analog fatness, from a combination of modular analog synth rigs. Carefully crafted, tuned and tracked, these sounds range from serene to horrifically aggressive.

  • 1.13 GB (compressed)
  • Available as direct download only
  • 330+ tempo-synced loops
  • 413 NKIs
    • 9 Menu Suites
    • 315 Single Loop Presets
    • 20 Menu Suite ARP Presets
    • 26 Single Loop ARP Presets
    • 40+ Loop Combo Presets
  • Distortion, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, ADSR, Filter, EQ, and LFO controls
  • Signature Loop Mutator
  • Advanced Trigger FXTM
  • 48kHz/24-Bit Samples
  • Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
  • Powered by the Kontakt Engine
  • Kontakt 5 (Player) ver or higher, NKS compatible
  • Minimum System Requirements
    • Mac: OS X 10.10, Intel Core Duo, 4 GB RAM
    • PC: Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit, Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64, 2GB RAM
  • AEON Rhythmic is uniquely watermarked for each individual customer
  • All files in AEON Rhythmic are watermarked using a propriety technology
  • Customers may be required to provide their full Identification for authorization purposes


  • Heavyocity Media, Inc. will use all remedies of the law, to their full extent, against anyone who illegally distributes/sells/shares the library
  • Heavyocity Media reserves the right to modify these terms at any time
  • Prices, Watermarking, and Availability subject to change without notice.