PUNISH Lite: $49

A Taste of Devastation

From subtle warmth to extreme drive and compression, Heavyocity's PUNISH LITE injects character and edge into any mix or instrument track.
Now get the iconic PUNISH plugin at a fraction of the price.

Dial It Up

Start with subtle heat and snap, and end with total destruction. PUNISH Lite FX plugin packs a wide range of analog firepower...and all you have to do is turn that knob.

Iconic Effect

More than a decade after its introduction, the purest form of the PUNISH FX plugin is now available for all your audio destructive needs. Simply add it to a track and experience the PUNISHment.

Analog Mojo

Modeled from our custom analog signal chains, this PUNISH Lite VST delivers a studio's worth of analog gear in one easy-to-use plugin.

Small Footprint, BIG SOUND

Don't let the streamlined control set fool you, PUNISH Lite packs a PUNCH. Capable of driving your tracks from subtle heat to full-on fire, PUNISH Lite adds that little somethin' extra to almost any source.


What started with meticulous analog modeling became so much more, as we creatively blended dynamic effects to create this legendary sound-shaping tool.


PUNISH Lite has the power to decimate any track, but it shines the brightest on your Drums and Bass—adding punch, warmth, and snap to your rhythmic sources.

Glutton for PUNISHment?

Get the full PUNISH effect with four additional compression and saturation modules, plus dynamic controls for transient design, eq, and limiting.

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  • Plug-in Formats (64-bit):
    • VST3, AAX, and Audio Units (AU) only
  • System Requirements:
    • Mac: OS X 10.14 (Mojave) or later (64-bit only)
    • AU, VST3, or AAX compatible host
    • *Native M1 currently not supported
    • Windows: Windows 10 or later (64-bit only)
    • VST3 or AAX compatible host
  • Ableton Live 10+
  • Cubase 8.5+
  • Logic Pro X+
  • Protools 2018+ (AAX)
  • DP9+
  • Cakewalk by Bandlab (latest version)