Scoring Bass


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What's Included

What's included in Scoring Bass

Scoring Bass
  • Inspirational Bass Grooves build your score's foundation
  • Atmospheric Pads from Heavyocity's team of sound designers
  • Tight and Chunky Rhythmic Pedals for creating quick underscore
  • Designed to complement Scoring Guitars 1 & 2
Instrument Details

The Cinematic Low End

Scoring Bass Overview


Immediately useful and deeply inspirational, Scoring Bass delivers all the power and grit of world-class bass guitars -- sampled, treated, and processed by Heavyocity’s renowned team of sound designers. This is the new foundation of your score; a tight and rumbling bass VI, featuring 4 GB of production-ready pads, tempo-synced pulses & pedals, and multi-sampled playable instruments.
Grooves & Pedals

Grooves & Pedals

With over 100 tempo-synced grooves and rhythmic pedals, Scoring Bass provides a deep well of low end cinematic content. Featuring premier players playing premier instruments, Scoring Bass is a deep library of production-ready bass VST content, specifically designed for the pro composer on a deadline.
Bass x Guitars

Bass x Guitars

Developed as a perfect companion to our critically-acclaimed Scoring Guitars instruments, Scoring Bass rounds out the line with grooves and pulses created specifically to complement the guitars’ unique content. Quickly and easily build driving melodies and complex textures by running instances of these dynamic instruments side by side.

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