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GRAVITY 2 Has Arrived!

After nearly eight years, we are excited to unveil GRAVITY 2 , an inspiring evolution of the legendary scoring toolkit, breathing new life into the world of music and sound. This visionary collection reveals a palette that combines conventional orchestration and advanced digital synthesis with innovative audio processing, unlocking entirely new sonic realms for musical storytelling. In the world of sound, even legends must evolve.

This intricate array comprises over 1,000 distinct sound sources, amounting to more than 2,300 samples handpicked by the Heavyocity team. From junkyard mayhem and mechanical noises, to bowed strings on trash cans, obscure radio signals, and a vast array of analog synths—GRAVITY 2 blurs the line between music and sound design. Equipped with the most powerful engine to date, GRAVITY 2 delivers over 9 GB of dynamic sound design elements waiting to be explored. Ranging from tonal Rhythmic Pedals to thrilling Transitions and Risers, evocative Textures to explosive Impacts and striking signature Stings, not to mention more than 600 meticulously-crafted, instantly-inspiring snapshot presets accessible for effortless cue creation. With just a few clicks, composers will have the flexibility to go in bold, innovative directions with their compositions.

For a limited time, GRAVITY 2 will be available for $349 (reg. $449). In addition, owners of GRAVITY 1 or any GRAVITY Pack will receive an additional $50 off with serial. All offers end November 3, 2023.

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