Vocalise 3

A Richly Evocative, Atmospheric, and Soul-Stirring Vocal Experience.


Experience the evolution of cinematic sound.

Scoring Acoustic Guitars

A journey into the inspiring world of cinematic Acoustic Guitars.

Scoring Bass

Cinematic bass, built for your low end. The new foundation for your score.

Scoring Guitars 2

An arsenal of world-class guitars and amps driven into an edgier sonic space.

Vocalise 2

The evocative experience continues with 3+ GB of pure vocal inspiration.

Scoring Guitars

An inspiring collection of cinematic guitars, with an arsenal of pulses, pads, and phrases.


The original evocative vocal experience, already a legend in modern scoring.

Natural Forces

A seismic collection of hits and stings, inspired by the earth's raw frequencies.